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Sweden Game Conference 2018

Oct 17 - 19th , 2018 in Skövde

As one of the leading conferences in Europe aimed at game development students and start-ups, our focus is not only to cover business and development, but to include academia and research as well. Last year the theme of the conference was Experience the future: Reimagining games and we had over 900 participants from 22 countries and 4 continents and prominent speakers from all over the games industry

We can only achieve international recognition for our environment and our city if academia, research and the enterprise sector are globally attractive. A partnership with our incubator provides access to government-funded offices, equipment, infrastructure, and a senior organization of experts built up over a decade.

Companies and researchers from Sweden Game Arena work in a variety of segments such as digital games for entertainment, digital games and advanced simulation tools for education and training. Their markets range from the global consumer to regional and national markets in education, the experience industry, manufacturing and the Swedish Armed Forces. Now it is time to take the next step – adopting an even more focused approach to internationalization.

The products of our companies have already reached the international market. Now we need to work even harder to develop Skövde as the Computer and Video Game Arena. We aim to do this under a united banner: Sweden Game Arena. The goal of this initiative is to make Skövde, Gothia Science Park and the University of Skövde the natural choice for entrepreneurs, companies and investors.

Skövde can offer you easy access to research, development expertise and know-how. Something that is crucial whether you are developing revolutionizing computer games, hardware or software for developing games for education, entertainment and to change attitudes.